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Rise paperback hits the shelves

The paperback edition of my first book, Rise: Surviving and Thriving After Trauma, has been available to buy since 29 December 2016.

As explained in my earlier post, Rise is a first-aid kit for getting through tough times. In it I explore the science of resilience and growth after trauma by getting advice from experts. I also learn from those who have emerged from horrific experiences, feeling changed yet stronger, with a new perspective on their life, their relationships and their work.

It also contains my own story of surviving breast cancer, with candid and unflinching honesty.

The book is designed to help others deal with all manner of adversity, including physical or mental ill health, loss of a loved one, abuse and post-traumatic stress.

Recent reviews

The Daily Mail listed the paperback as a ‘must read’.

It said the book offers: “a helpful mixture of practical stratagems, inspiration and shared experience for anyone facing adversity”.

You can read the full review here.

Woman & Home magazine placed Rise within their ‘Pick of the Paperbacks’ category.

It described it as a: “powerful guide to surviving tough times with a moving personal story at its heart”.

New ITV show: Save Money: Lose Weight

Sian Williams and Dr Ranj Singh © Twofour

Sian Williams and Dr Ranj Singh © Twofour

Just after I launched the book, I also started presenting a new show for 2017 all about health, diet and finances.

The first episode of my new series on affordable diets aired on Thursday 5 January. In it presenter Dr Ranj Singh and myself try to help viewers decide if they’re spending their money on their health wisely. For example, where is the evidence that those highly marketed “super-foods”, which can be expensive, are better than the cheaper options?

I’ve always tried to be healthy, but I still got cancer. I’ve realised since that our diets have a huge impact on our mental health too, as I’ve explained in this Radio Times article.

The show is on ITV1 Tuesdays at 7:30pm.


If you have any comments about the show, or my book, please post them below. You can read more about the book on the dedicated Book pages on this site.

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