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Academic Journalism

Journalists, trauma and growth

What’s it like to witness trauma day in, day out? To believe you’ve become an ’emotional vampire’? What are the costs of PTSD and moral injury and how can we learn from those who’ve observed horror, suffered and grown…


Building resilience in a time of Covid

This was originally written for ‘Broadcast’ magazine and staff at ITN but hopefully, these tips will apply to everyone who wants help during dark times Resilience is in-built Those who work in broadcasting are a resilient bunch. We have…

Book Journalism

Rise paperback hits the shelves

The paperback edition of my first book, Rise: Surviving and Thriving After Trauma, has been available to buy since 29 December 2016. As explained in my earlier post, Rise is a first-aid kit for getting through tough times. In…

Book Journalism

How Rise can help nurses, in a nurse’s words

Back in August, I was thrilled to see that ‘Rise, Surviving and Thriving after Trauma’ had been given a five-star review in the Royal College of Nursing’s journal, the Nursing Standard. Thrilled because they said such lovely things about…


ITN mental health champion

I’m proud to say I’m going to become production company ITN’s first mental health champion. In the future other volunteer champions will join me. They’ll be taught how to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues.…

Book Journalism

Sermon at The School of Life

There’s a funny thing about being a television presenter – people think that you can talk in front of anyone, anytime, however big the gathering. And the thing is, when you are presenting, news-reading, or even ad-libbing, you are…